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Mr Jennings Takes It Easy by Richard Kaufman (est. arrival 5th Aug)
Mr Jennings Takes It Easy by Richard Kaufman (est. arrival 5th Aug)

Mr Jennings Takes It Easy by Richard Kaufman (est. arrival 5th Aug)

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The enormous Larry Jennings book you've been waiting for.
A new Royal Road to Card Magic, Jennings style.

  • Over 120 tricks
  • Over 120 sleights and techniques
  • 1,400 photographs

Improve your basic card handling and learn new ways to do the sleights you think you know.

  • Learn amazing tricks
  • No passes, No culls, No palms, No half passes


Chapter One: The Breaks. Throughout the book, Larry favors a Verdnase break over a thumb break, leading to new handlings for many standards.
Chapter Two: Double and Triple Undercut Work. Numerous strategies allow you to transpose cards via apparently simple cuts.
Devious Open Prediction is just that, a method that allows the spectator to count herself to the predicted card. A very clever way to set up the count.
Unpredictable Prediction lets you do the Open Prediction with no sleights.
Chapter Three: Multiple Lifts and More. Learn the difference between Double Lifts and Double Turnovers, and some useful instances of each.
New Dual Discovery. Two spectators make selections. You show two cards to one of them, and he does not see his card. You show the two cards to second spectator, and he does not see his either. Toss the cards to the table, and now both see theircards. (What weird magical power is this?)
Deep Transposition II. A squeaky clean version of the Hofzinser Ace trick, where a selection displaces an ace.
Triumphantly Turning Back Time. A nice mix of the Walton time travel trick with Triumph.
Chapter Four: The Reluctant Packeteer. Larry’s touches on all the major false counts.
The Eye Popper. Four kings become four aces, easy peasy. You would be hard pressed to find a more surprising trick than this little gem. Don't judge it by a quick glance at the "Effect" and turn the page. This will make magicians' eyeballs pop because there are no extra movements, readjustments, or fiddling.
Chapter Five: An Assortment of Techniques and Sleights.
The Alpha Control. A very easy control, reminiscent of the Convincing Control, almost a bluff. 
Chapter Six: Almost Solely Self-Working.
Triple Discovery. Three spectators cut the deck into three piles, and each chooses a card from his pile. You discover the cards through very sneaky means (a Sunken Key). One of the cleverest tricks in the book.
Triumph for the Terrified. One of the easiest Triumph effects around.
Getting to Nine. A clever way to getting into Jim Steinmeyer’s 9-Card Trick. That you use nine cards seems to be a random choice.
Impossible. Through a selection process that is repeatedly stated to be impossible, the spectator finally discovers his own card by spelling IMPOSSIBLE.
The Close-Up Illusion. The longtime favorite trick of Larry Jennings. A visual masterpiece, and I am pleased that it is in the book. Possibly the greatest walk-around card trick.
Chapter Seven: Biddling and Other Ways to Avoid Palming. Here are Larry Jennings touches on card guy favorites: Ace Assemblies, Hotel Mysteries, Open Predictions, O. Henry Aces, Monarch’s Quartette, Collectors, and so on. 
California Red Prediction. A nice version of the self-working Red Card Prediction (Corinda).

Written by Richard Kaufman
Photos by Julie Eng
Oversized hardcover
582 pages
Acid free art paper
Sewn binding to lay flat




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