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Miracle Match by Tommy James

Miracle Match by Tommy James

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The Sympathetic Card routine is not a new idea in magic. It was originally invented in the 1920's by the British magician Herbert Milton. 
Tommy has come up with a version that is perfect for kid and family audiences using jumbo animal cards. This version has beautiful props, hand-crafted by Tommy with a wonderful routine that you can add right into your own performances. It's big. It's fun and it's different. Be the first in your area to perform this amazing new miracle in your family shows! 

You display a stand with two clear, upright holders. Each holder has ten jumbo cards measuring 5" X 7". The fun begins as the kids try to guess which animal with be paired up with each letter;  A: Anaconda  B: Bear  C: Cat  D: Dolphin  E: Elephant  F: Frog  G: Giraffe  H:Horse  I: Iguana and J: Jaguar. You then openly spread all the cards so everyone can see that the cards are in alphabetical order, then replace them into one of the holders. 
Next you remove the other set of cards and fan them to the audience, displaying that they are all the same animals, but well mixed. You then begin shuffling and mixing that set of cards until an audience member commands you to stop. You remove two cards from this stack and turn them backwards, replacing them into the fan and back into it's holder.

A cloth is picked up and you remove the holder containing the cards that are in perfect order and hold it in your hand.

You explain that when you run the cloth over the cards in your hand, all the kids are to shout out the magic words "CHANGE" and when they do, the anaconda will magically change to match the jaguar in the opposite holder. 1-2-3! The kids yell CHANGE! You run the cloth over the holder and in an instant, the anaconda MAGICALLY and instantly changes to match the jaguar! But it doesn't stop there. You remove the jaguars from the front of the holders and the kids can see two frogs. They have matched the frogs! Remove the frogs and the kids see two elephants!
The next two cards are reversed showing only the backs. You turn both reversed cards around and they are both giraffes. A perfect match! You continue with the rest of the cards and each and every card now matches the mixed order of the other stack. Truly a miracle match!
You will receive Tommy's word for word 6-1/2 minute routine, the gorgeous stand with chrome trim, two upright holders made of PVC and acrylic, the jumbo 5" X 7" animal cards made from an actual playing card company along with the cloth and full instructions. 

The base that hold the clear stands is a table top base but you can attach a flange to the bottom if you wish to have it on a side stand as Tommy does.

Beautiful props and a magical routine you WILL be proud to own!  



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