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Mine, Yours and the Mystery by Paul Martin and Jamie Raven

Mine, Yours and the Mystery by Paul Martin and Jamie Raven

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This routine that has been kept secret and is now finally being released for you all to enjoy. Developed over 10 years by Paul Martin with Jamie Raven who performed this very routine in The Illusionists in London and his 4 sell out tours. This is Paul’s personal go to favourite routine.

3 envelopes are displayed to a chosen spectator with the choice of Mine, Yours, or The Mystery. The Spectator has a free choice of any envelope and wins a special prize, only to discover they could of won even more.

5 minutes of brilliant comedy and magic, easy to do and a must for any serious performer looking to add a professional routine to their cabaret set.

Works in ANY language, envelopes are supplied blank.

Strictly for the professional magician/compere.

If you are familiar with Bank Night you will know the basic routine

3 envelopes are displayed. The spectator has a free choice of any envelope and will win a prize (usually £5) However if they had chosen either one of the other envelopes, they could have one £500 or event £10,000 (don’t worry, they never do)

When purchasing this effect, you are buying a professional routine. One of which is performed by the top professionals around the world. It’s really easy to do but plays big and packs small. A suitable addition to any act or style with multiple different routines available.

You receive

  • 3 special envelopes made in Tyvek so will last a lifetime
  • 50 min instructional video
  • 4 live performances by Paul Martin & Jamie Raven
  • Full performance rights worldwide



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