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Making the Cut by Ryan Schlutz

Making the Cut by Ryan Schlutz

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Making the Cut is stocked full of close up magic that will entertain and baffle laymen, as well as tricks that will make the magicians you know shake their heads. Ryan does a great job explaining the effects in the book and the illustrations make every move clear. In between the tricks, you will find Ryan's thoughts on performance, magic and some useful information for those who perform 'in the trenches.'

Contents include:

  • The Pivotal Peek -This is the move Ryan is most known for. This is a great peek done while holding the deck in a modified peek position. The move is invisible and is well described. Ryan goes on to describe two effects using the Peek.
  • When In Doubt, Read a Palm -A great opener using a palm reading demonstration and a deck of cards
  • A Lesson in Gravity -A sandwich plot using specially printed cards that Ryan describes how to make.
  • Fraternal Bond -From a shuffled deck, a magician miraculously predicts the outcome of future events
  • Sense-sational -An impossible location done with three spectators. The presentation is commercial and the multiple methods used, combine to form an effect even magicians will have a hard time backtracking.
  • Fing-jit-su -A presentation for Pit Hartling's Finger Flicker routine, described in full with permission.
  • Sprung & Dagger -A card stab routine done with cards and a rubberband. A great take on the classic plot.
  • Misfit Queens -A take on a Jon Racherbaumer version of a Hofzinser plot.
  • Foregone Conclusion -A take on the invisible card plot. Teaches a great control by Jon Racherbaumer (described with permission).
  • And many more... Effects with name tags, 4 of a kind productions, Frixion pens and more.

Pages: 113 - 8.5" x 11" - Hardcover - Black and white illustrations



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