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Lucky Strike by Wayne Dobson

Lucky Strike by Wayne Dobson

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“A fantastic walk around trick that incorporates a chosen card to impossible location”

No box
No Wallet
Just a paperclip!

A card secured by a paperclip is shown.
A spectator is asked to say stop as the magician riffles the cards from one hand to the other.
A card is shown and the magician asks the spectator to remember it.
A “move” is made and the chosen card is shown to be on top of the deck.
The magician then proceeds to show the spectator how the trick is done.
Then the chosen card is signed and the magician proceeds to find their signed card behind their back and at a specific number.
The cards are counted but the chosen card is not there, perhaps the magician has messed up?
Then the magician brings the attention back to the paper-clipped card, that has been in view from the start.
The card is removed from the paperclip and it is, indeed the signed card!

Comes with special deck of cards to perform Lucky Strike
Digital link and password for explanation



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