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Lockpicking for the New Millennium by David Storm

Lockpicking for the New Millennium by David Storm

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If you want an action packed, no frills DVD, filled with the most up to date information about locks and security available, then this DVD is for you!
Learn how to open pin tumbler locks, tubular locks, sesamee locks, defeat mushroom pins, and much much more! 

You'll learn how to: 

  •  Re-key A Lock 
  •  Pick Handcuffs 
  •  Impression Locks 
  •  Use Padlock Shims 
  •  Bypass Hotel Locks 
  •  Use A Plug Spinner 
  •  Pick Tubular Locks 
  •  Pick Warded Padlocks 
  •  Defeat Mushroom Pins 
  •  Pick Pin Tumbler Locks 
  •  Pick Double Sided Locks 
  •  Pick Sesamee Style Padlocks 
  •  Pick Schlage Wafer Disc Locks 
  •  Make A Homemade Electric Pick 
  •  Pick Simplex Style Pushbutton Locks and much, much more!



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