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Locked Deck

Locked Deck

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It is rare to find card tricks that achieve an excellent effect with very little effort and, to top it all, are performed fully automatically in the hands of the spectators. But you don’t have to mention that the trick works on its own. Just enjoy the applause.

You show the deck. It is made of up of different cards. The only unusual aspect is that a hole is punched through one corner of the deck.
The spectator makes a mental note of a card and then locks all the cards in the deck with a big padlock. You don’t touch the deck at all.

What comes next sounds a little far fetched, but it really happens exactly as described. The spectator names his card and immediately begins to fan out the deck. He is amazed to find that his card has disappeared from the deck! You reach into your trouser or jacket pocket and produce the spectator’s card. It can, of course, be examined immediately, and the punched hole is not damaged in any way, i.e. not torn.

We supply everything ready for the presentation, including the big padlock. All you have to do is find the spectators.



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