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Lime For Life Seconds by PropDog
Lime For Life Seconds by PropDog Lime For Life Seconds by PropDog Lime For Life Seconds by PropDog Lime For Life Seconds by PropDog

Lime For Life Seconds by PropDog

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The Limes For Life Seconds are slightly less perfect than we are happy with, so they might have a slightly more visible seam line or sligtly less detail, but all are still perfectly good.

The Limes For Life by PropDog is the most realistic final load ever created!  This is a big statement and we stand by it!! :-)  

Lime For Life took us two years to develop and is so realistic, many people have held them in their hands and not even realised that it is fake.  It feels like a lime, looks like a lime, has the same texture as a real lime and doesn't make a sound when you load it into a cup.

The dimensions of each may vary slightly, as a different lemon is used for every mould, which only last for about 10 limes, but each has been hand picked fit every sized chop cup or cups and balls set that we could find.

These Limes are not cheap, but each is lovingly handmade by myself, Dave Bonsall at the PropDog workshop and they are very difficult and time consuming to make.  The average magicians spends hundreds of pounds on real limes throughout their career, not to mention the petrol going back and forward to supermarkets, well, with the Lime For Life, you need never purchase another lime again!

We are so confident that you will love these limes, that if you are not entirely satisfied, just send them back to us for a full refund!

The approximate dimensions of the lemon are:

Length = 5.5cm 
Diameter = 4.5cm
Circumference = 14 - 15cm




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