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Lie Detector by Tommy James

Lie Detector by Tommy James

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A hilarious, audience-tested kid-show prop for magicians, clowns and MC’s!

If it’s laughs and pure entertainment you’re looking for, this prop has it all. It’s not magic, but a perfect variety routine for any kid-show audience. 

Display your new Lie Detector. Its an 10” by 12” prop with an arrow mounted in the center and a TRUE and a FALSE display to the right and left of the arrow. Explain to the kids that if you say something that is true, the arrow will point to TRUE. But if you should tell a lie, the arrow will point to FALSE. Then the fun begins!

You state that you NEVER tell a lie, and the arrow points to FALSE. You don’t see it but the kids do and they break out laughing. You state your name and the arrow points to TRUE. You state the location you are at (a birthday party, school event etc.) and the arrow point to TRUE. You state you are the worlds BEST magician, the arrow points to FALSE! More laughs! “ Well, I’m the worlds SECOND best magician.”  The arrow point to FALSE again. “I’m definitely in the top 100 magicians in the world.” FALSE again! The kids go crazy! “I brush my teeth EVERY day.”  Arrow points to TRUE. “I change my UNDERWEAR every day too!” Arrow points to FALSE.

After a few minutes of fun you have all the kids ”TEST” the detector by shouting out “The sky is BLUE!” The arrow points to TRUE. Have them shout out “The sky is RED!” The arrow points to FALSE. You have them chant “BLUE, RED, BLUE, RED, BLUE, RED!”  The arrow moves frantically from TRUE to FALSE. Have them keep chanting BLUE, RED really fast! All of a sudden the arrow freezes and a sign pops up that says “OUT OF ORDER!”  You act disappointed that the Detector is broken and end the routine. You get the idea? The possibility of questions you could use with this prop is of course, endless! You could make a funny hat with a wire attached to the hat and attached to the back of the prop and use it with a member of the audience.

The prop is made from digitally printed vinyl and mounted on durable PVC board. The graphics are BIG and simple to read from a distance. The mechanics are extremely easy to operate so you can concentrate on presentation. Packs almost flat and plays big. (1” in thickness) No set-up or re-set. Take the prop out of your case, put it back after your routine and it is ready to go again.

Complete with Tommy’s word-for word routine.



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