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The Impossible Card Balance by Dave Bonsall - VIDEO DOWNLOAD ONLY

The Impossible Card Balance by Dave Bonsall - VIDEO DOWNLOAD ONLY

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This is an effect that I've been performing for since the late 90s! It's not so much of a working routine, it's something to do whilst you're sat down at a table or stood up at a bar.  The set up is incredibly easy and quick and it can be performed surrounded.  You can also set up right in front of everyone with being noticed.

This is a short download instruction video teaching you how to perform the effect and how to set it up. 

How To Access Your Video Once Purchased
Once you have purchased this video, go to your account page on this website and click on PropDog Only Downloads.  Once on that page, you will see a Cloud Download Icon with a downward pointing arrow.  Click on this and it will download the .mp4 video file to your computer.  If you are using a phone or tablet, some devices may a few issues trying to download the video, if you do, just email us and we'll send you the link and password to a vimeo link of the instruction video.

Please note that this is on a different download system to the other video downloads on our website, you do not received log in instructions by email.



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