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Phoenix Deck Large Index - Blue Back
Phoenix Deck Large Index - Blue Back

Phoenix Deck Large Index - Blue Back

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Sometimes Small Changes can make a Huge Difference!

In 2009 we started a Revolution, as the Phoenix Decks were launched, specially made for Magicians!

For years we worked on improving the Quality of playing cards, and if you ever have used a Phoenix Deck you know that you are handling a deck made in Casino Quality. Some already call the Phoenix Quality the new standard for playing cards made for magicians.

While others design fancy collectors' decks, we care about decks for workers. The faces of playing cards have not changed for more than 100 years, being perfectly suited for Poker and other card games.

We as magicians sometimes struggle performing with these cards for a larger audience, due to visibility. Our options were giant oversize decks that just look like a magic prop, or we tried to use the Jumbo Index Decks, that were created for Casinos. However, both are not really a good solution.

Our Parlour Decks changed the card visibility for Parlour situations, but what if you like to stay with the size of Poker cards that you are used to?

So now, in 2017, we start an Evolution, by changing the faces of Poker playing cards to make them more visible. Watch the demo video to see the result. As the decks are as affordable as our regular Phoenix Decks there is no reason not giving these decks a try.

We already started to update existing effects, but also will select new releases, that make more sense being released in Large Index version.

Printed at US Playing Cards on Bicycle cardstock, in our well-known Casino Quality, punched through the backs for easy shuffles, faros and better handling.

With our new price model you safe when ordering larger quantities of Phoenix Decks.

"These will be the ONLY cards I use from now on for my FISM winning act [dream act]. 
Amazing visibility and clarity for a close up, parlor, or stage card act"
Shin Lim, FISM Winner

"Thanks Christian for creating a deck for parlor magic, now I can do cardmagic without a screen !"
Yann Frisch, FISM Grand Prix Winner

"The indexes might only be 50% bigger, but they make my effects 100% better."
Shawn Farquhar, FISM Grand Prix Winner

"They are gorgeous. Perfect for the stage!"
Kevin James

"I think this is a hell of a good idea."
Obie O'Brien

"This could very well be a new standard for card magicians."
Gregory Wilson

"The simplest ideas are often the best. The Large Index Deck is bound to become a new standard for magicians who work for parlor audiences. 
Thank you for this amazing new feature."
Joshua Jay

"Thank you for all that you do for the magic profession."
Vic (Vic and Fabrini)



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