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Artisan Coin HD CSB Set by TCC
Artisan Coin HD CSB Set by TCCArtisan Coin HD CSB Set by TCCArtisan Coin HD CSB Set by TCC

Artisan Coin HD CSB Set by TCC

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No matter how deep your knowledge is regarding coin tricks and coin gaffs, a good CSB routine will short-circuit your brain in an instant.

Even if you open and laid out the secret in front of your eyes, you will surely be stunned by its simple structure, and then suddenly realize it and applaud in awe.

The CSB originated from the two copper coins and one silver coin transposition routine by Conrad Haden. Presley Guitar invented the CSB by replacing one of the copper coins with an ancient Chinese coin on top of the foundation of Conrad’s routine. The hole in the middle of the Chinese coin gives the audience the impression that the coin is not replaced, so the whole effect is completely refined and elevated.

It is not a simple task to make the ancient Chinese coin look identical to a regular coin when nested. Therefore, the built-quality of the gaffed coin is the foundation for achieving such a powerful effect. And making the gaffed coin look as much as possible like a regular coin is the ultimate goal when crafting the CSB.

The usual process of most mass-produced CSB sets was to directly stick the Chinese coin on the silver coin shell after being thinned. Therefore, the edge of the coin would be composed of two parts, one is the edge of the silver coin, and the other is the edge of the copper coin. This is the same for the double-sided gaff coin. This process is a common practice and is easier to implement during mass production.

However, For the Artisan Coin, this is far from satisfactory.

For the Artisan Coin CSB set, we adopted a process that was only used for high-end coin gaffs:

  • No layering on the edge of the coin. After more than half a year of experimentation, finally, the coin shell and double-sided coin can be been merged into one at the mass production stage.
  • The gap of the gaffed coin is completely fitted, making the surface of the gaffed coin no different from a regular coin.
  • The matching regular coin also has a very intricate design. In order to make the regular copper coin and the double-sided coin appear the same in size and appearance, we have specially made the copper coin a hair smaller.
  • This is also the one with the most complex craftsmanship and the highest precision requirements among the Six Works.
  • Also the one with the most complex craftsmanship and the highest precision requirements among the six items.

We often reverie that we are living in a very fortunate era, to be able to enjoy history and the precious wealth of knowledge passed down by our predecessors.
However, we are also writing history...

The ingenuity is timeless, should we just leave things as it is left by our predecessors, or push them to new heights?

The answer lies with you and me.

we adopted a process that was only used on high-end coin gaffs:

  • No gap between the double-sided coin and the shell. The highest-end craftsmanship.
  • High degree of detail. The face is exactly the same as the regular coin.
  • Three accompanying coins. The Copper coin is made a hair smaller than the double-sided coin.

The CSB including Gaffed Coin ( Brass Shell + Penny/HD ) with Regular Penny / HD /Brass.

No instructions are included. 



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