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Easy To Master Thread Miracles Volume 1 Michael Ammar

Easy To Master Thread Miracles Volume 1 Michael Ammar

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Volume One


Section One - Introducing Elastic Thread


Section Two - Accessing the Threads


Section Three - Magic With Invisible Elastic


Tahoe Tessie and the Magic Postcard

The Rising Business Card

Whirling Business Card

Dan Harlan's Financial Attraction

Ammar's Portable, Permanent Wallet Hookup

Section Four - Finn Jon's Elastic Loops


Phenomenon Fork

Finn Jon's Bill That Falls Up

The Floating Bill

Electrostatic Straw

Things That Affect Thread Visibility

Section Five - Visible but Hidden Threads


Stefan Schuster's Self-Folding Bill with Kicker, featuring Ammar's Self-Contained Wallet Hookup

Acrobatic Matchbox

Section Six - The Traditional Reel


Knot Absolutely Instant

Knot Automatically Undone

Clearly Penetrated Mike Stand

Section Seven - James George Interview


Comparing Every Available I. T. R.

Care and Management




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