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Other Random Pill Tubs
Other Random Pill Tubs Other Random Pill Tubs Other Random Pill Tubs Other Random Pill Tubs

Other Random Pill Tubs

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Working magicians for years have been pulling Viagra tubs from spectator's pockets for years, it's a favourite of so many working professionals around the globe.  The reactions you get when you put a card in someones pocket as a keep sake and pull out a tub of Viagra or pretend to pick pocket someone, has to be seen to be believed!!  It always leaves the whole crowd in tears!  


Well now PropDog have taken the idea even further with much more professional looking tubs, smaller to make them easier to palm and with a whole new range of labels. Great as heckler stoppers, as answers to the common ridiculous questions we all get asked or just as a gag to get a laugh, with a little imagination, you'll have an answer to every cocky question using these tubs.

Baldy Pills - Hair Regrowth Formula
Monster Member - Penis Enlargement Pills
Sex Change - Hormone Replacement Pills
Raging Bull - Sex Enhancement Pills

These pills may seem ridiculous and you may think that you could never use one of these, but in the right situation, they are simply hilarious!

If you perform in bars, nightclubs or at any other venue where you have a group of rowdy, young lads who have had too much to drink, then these are incredible heckler stoppers or just gags. They will leave the heckler or 'victim's' friends in hysterics and laughing at them for hours!

In fact it's not uncommon to have people spit they're drinks everywhere with laughter when the big, burly, bald, gorilla, bouncer type man heckles you and you pull out a tub of Penis Enlargement Pills out of his pocket, or even better the Sex Change Hormone Replacement Pills, followed by your comment "Did you used to be a woman?" or if you approach a table of several bald men and ask "Did anyone drop these?" pulling out the Baldy Pills. Or the overdressed, peacocking stud type who loves himself and you pull out the Raging Bull Sex Enhancement Pills.  Another comment we often get is "Can you give him some hair" or "Can you sort out this bald patch" to which you reach into your pocket and pull out a tub of the Baldy Pills.

Of course all of these pill tubs are aimed at men, as they are the most common hecklers and the best reactors. But it's often the women who laugh the most.

If you'd like a custom pill tub made to your design, do let us know.

Each Pill Tub comes with a spare label set, just in case it wears down or peels off.




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