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Impossible - Coin through Cup

Impossible - Coin through Cup

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"Incredible", your spectators will say when you show them this trick. Should the spectators be fellow magicians, they will also be surprised.

First of all you borrow a mug and a coin of any currency. The coin is then marked with an adhesive dot, a member of the audience signs the coin so that it cannot be mistaken. The mug is examined, then the coin is thrown into the mug so that everybody can hear it. You stir your elegant magic wand vigorously in the mug as if stirring coffee. The coin rattles on the  solid bottom of the mug - and still the coin goes through the bottom of the mug - seen by everybody - and falls onto the table.

It is the coin signed by the spectator. No exchange has taken place. The mug has been borrowed, there are no special preparations.  Only one coin is used, no sleight of hand is needed for the presentation, the audience can be all around you, and you need only 5 minutes practice.
We supply you with the extremely elegant magic wand in classic black with silver ends which, unbelievably, conjures the coin through the mug onto the table. It is 16cm long and 0.6cm in diameter.



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