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Hypnochips II

Hypnochips II

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The magician presents two chips of each of the following colours: blue, yellow, red and green, all have a quality look about them. He shows the backs of the chips, the audience sees that of each coloured pair one has a black back and the other a white back. The chips with the black backs are turned over and mixed thoroughly, so that nobody can know what colour is where. The chips with the white backs stay in position, the coloured sides facing upwards.

Now the magician proposes a crazy wager: He claims that he can influence a female member of the audience in such a way - by looking into her eyes with great concentration - that she will be instilled with an inexplicable power stemming from her subconscious and can then work a miracle. The lady is supposed to put a chip, whose black side is turned upward, without looking at it onto a chip whose coloured side is turned up. The magician claims that the lady will be so influenced that she will automatically make three pairs of identical colours, although she doesn't know what the individual colours are. Although the odds are three to one against the magician, he bets a 10 € note - without a counter bet. The lady puts the chips on top of each other, the magician uncovers them and ..... as he said, she has made three coloured pairs, although she had no clue what colour was where, and the magician can keep his money.



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