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Hydrostatic Highball by PropDog
Hydrostatic Highball by PropDogHydrostatic Highball by PropDogHydrostatic Highball by PropDogHydrostatic Highball by PropDogHydrostatic Highball by PropDogHydrostatic Highball by PropDog

Hydrostatic Highball by PropDog

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The Hydrostatic Glass trick is a classic of magic!  This trick has been performed by some of the greatest magicians in history!

What is a  HighBall Glass? By definition, it is a glass tumbler that can contain 240 to 350 millilitres (8 to 12 US fl oz). It is used to serve highball cocktails and other mixed drinks. (Courtesy of Wikipedia)

If you don't already know the routine, it goes something like this: The magician has a glass of liquid, covers it over with a beer mat, fan of cards or piece of paper, turns it upside down, then removes the beer mat, fan of cards or piece of paper and the liquid stays in the glass (often performed over a spectators head!).  The magician then clicks his fingers and the liquid falls out, or you he simply turns the glass back the right way and removes the beer mat, fan of cards or piece of paper.  

The only problem there has ever been with this trick, is that until now, the gimmicked glass used in the routine has always been made from a cheap looking plastic glass, the kind you see at children's parties!  Well now we've added the PropDog touch to this classic of magic, making the gimmicked glass a modern, up to date highball glass, just like any glass you'd find in your local bar.  It's made from an almost indestructible polycarbonate and has has the hole that you'd find in the regular gimmicked glass.  

The other nice touch we've added is that the other part to the gimmick is laser cut from two pieces of 1mm thin acrylic and bonded together, not like the cheaper injection moulded parts.  This means that there's not plastic flashing or bits on the edge left over from the injection moulding process, meaning the gimmick fits 100% perfectly, so no risk of it not working properly as with previous versions or fiddling around to try and get the gimmick to engage.

A great routine would be to use this in conjunction with PropDog's Drink'in the News Gimmick and even combined with a Torn and Restored Newspaper Routine.  Imagine - You take a newspaper, tear it up, restore it, take a jug of water, pour it into the news paper, turn the newspaper upside down and nothing falls out, you then open the newspaper, show all the pages, then turn the paper the right way up again and pour the water out into a pint glass.  You then cover the pint glass with the newspaper, turn it upside down and remove the newspaper and the liquid stays in the glass.  You then click your fingers and the liquid falls out into the jug you started with.  A great routine for cabaret or stage or that close up gig, where at the end, they ask you ask for one last trick in front of everybody.


Review by Les avis d’Alexis

Hydrostatic Highball Glass – Propdog

Product description: The Hydrostatic trick, whether it’s used with a bottle or a glass, it’s really really old. Propdog took this idea and upgraded it to their usual standards: quality, reliable and affordable. You can find the Hydrostatic Glass in a few different variations, a Champagne glass, a Highball glass (the one I have), 2 kinds of shot glass and of course the Pint one which looks gorgeous. All of them work on the same principle, some of them have an extra feature (shot, pint and highball) which allows you to make the water falls without shaking the glass. It’s cheap but is it good ? Let’s find out ! 

What you get: You get a cardboard box, with inside a link for you to watch the explanation video. It’s quick and to the point, there is no need for an one hour video in order to understand how this trick works. But the most important in the box is the glass itself, it’s made out of polycarbonate, a transparent plastic which looks like glass but very durable and strong, you can hit your glass with a hammer and nothing would happen. So you can easily throw it in you close up case without worrying for your prop to be damaged in any shape or form. You also get the other gimmick which is very well made, and fits perfectly the glass. You can tell this has been worked from the beginning, nothing was left, it’s simply perfect. If you like what you see in the video, you won’t be disappointed with what you receive. 

The pros and the cons: Here is the core of my review, let's begin with the cons, as I will usually be doing, I prefer to keep the good things for the end.

You need to carry this glass and the gimmick in order to do the trick. You may be able to fit the gimmick on another glass but it will be harder.
You have to be careful at the end when the water falls, the gimmick will fall so you may either lose it or people may see it, so use a dark container.

This is the best quality item I’ve seen in a long time. Propdog took a simple idea and made it 100% better, which you can actually use.
It’s very easy to use, simply put any cover on the glass, put it upside down and you’re ready to amaze people.
I really like the fact they added the extra feature to be able to make the water falls without shaking the glass or doing any movement at all. I think it adds to the deceptiveness of the whole thing.
The quality of the glass is amazing, you can just drop it without worrying, and it will still look perfect. The range of variations available is also very cool, so you can adapt the glass you will use to your location and audience.
It’s incredibly cheap, they could have set the price at £40 or £50 without any problem, so it’s possible to get one of each model so you’re ready to go. The champagne glass is amazing especially for wedding! 
Even if the glass has the extra feature as I said, it is still completely examinable before and after the routine, so there is no suspicion possible from your audience.

Overall rating: This is the definitive answer to the Hydrostatic Glass, no more, no less, if you want to do this routine, you have to buy this ! 4/4 hearts.

As for the difficulty level, it’s almost self working, you really have nothing to do, 1/5 stars. 

Similar products: Bazar de Magia Hydrostatic glass is way too cheap and fragile, I told you, Propdog one is the only you should consider buying. Waterworks by Paul Harris is very interesting if you want to use a bottle rather than a glass. 



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