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Hook by Eric Ross
Hook by Eric RossHook by Eric RossHook by Eric RossHook by Eric Ross

Hook by Eric Ross

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*** WARNING - This use of this product is intended for people aged 18 years and older. ***

***Please note: Upon purchasing this trick, you are learing a secret that is not entwined within the props themselves. Therefore, we are unable to provide any form of refund for this item.***

Eric Ross has invented a trick that we swear will be the new roulette routine. We hope you will agree. Imagine placing a hook in your mouth. Several strings dangle from your lips. One of them is attached, the rest are not. You call on 5 spectators to pull on a string of their choice. Let the games begin. No matter which string they pull, the last string always remains attached to the hook in your mouth. You're safe for another day.

Hook is strong, visual, simple and safe. Even though it's pocket sized, it's perfect for close-up and large stages alike. You can't help but get a strong reaction with Hook from beginning to end.

"What a sick and twisted effect! I can't wait to perform it myself!"
- Justin Flom

WORKS 100% OF THE TIME. No forces, no switches, it's self-working and safe. Everything you need is contained in the package. We created the special prop for safe transport, easy setup, and maximum performance results. We've also designed the packaging to purposely look unassuming. This way you can create the strongest reactions when they least expect it.

"You want reactions? THIS is how you get reactions!!"
- Garrett Thomas

Survival Kit Includes:
Specially crafted hook.
Proper string that Xavior uses.
Access to instructional video. (Do NOT use the product before watching completely.)
Basically, everything you need to perform right out of the box.



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