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Hide and Seek House by Tommy James

Hide and Seek House by Tommy James

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Kids LOVE to play Hide & Seek.

Now you can play this time-tested game in your magic shows!

Display a house and remove 5 pictures of your family. (As an alternative, you could call them your neighbors, friends etc)

You show very funny pictures of your mom, dad, sister and two brothers. As you display each picture, the kids burst into laughter. You explain that your sister was SO good at playing hide & seek, that you could never find her! You would have to shout “Come out, come out, wherever you are!” And she would magically appear inside her bedroom window! You begin the game! Try as they may, kids in the audience cannot find your sister. Eventually she completely disappears! “Oh no! Where could she be? Shall we check her bedroom window?” She is not there. The house is completely empty. Have all the children shout “Come out, come out, wherever you are!” Instantly she magically appears in her bedroom window! How did she do it? It must be MAGIC!

Cards measure 8” by 10” with a matte finish printed on durable, opaque cardboard stock. The house measures 10” by11” and has an easel attached on the backside making it self-standing. Packs flat. Plays big. Suspenseful, colorful and hilarious with a visual magical ending! Perfect for kid shows! What more could you ask for? SIX full minutes of all-out FUN! 



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