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Hand-picked Astonishments by Paul Harris and Joshua Jay - Card Forces

Hand-picked Astonishments by Paul Harris and Joshua Jay - Card Forces

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A Paul Harris Presents series of new twists on classic must-have magic secrets like the Invisible Deck, Thumb Tips, Card Forces and more! 

All hand-picked by Paul Harris, Tim Trono, and Joshua Jay. Expert coaching by Joshua Jay to help your first performance experience be comfortable, solid, safe and astonishing.

This is not an encyclopedic "every variation under the sun" collection. Out of the hundreds of routines and ideas we have hand-picked a small select handful of only the very coolest, most powerful, performer-friendly personal favorites from magic's top creators.

Hand-Picked Easy For The First Time Beginner

Hand-Picked Power For The Experienced Pro

Volume 2: Card Forces 

Volume 2 is dedicated to the wide world of card forcing. Joshua Jay will share with you a variety of forces for every occasion: in the hands, on the table, on the go, or with a setup. Then, he shares several new, unpublished routines utilizing the forces taught, as well as three mind-blowing classic of card magic that should be in every magician's repertoire. 


  • Fiedler's Flyer
  • Half Time
  • Drop Shot
  • Cross Cut Force
  • Slip Cut Force
  • Swing Cut Force
  • Touch Force
  • Riffle Force
  • Discrete Displacement
  • Classic Force


"If you have ever needed to use your "favorite force" to perform a card effect and didn't have one, this video will solve that problem.... I look forward to seeing more of this series" 

Max Krause, Max Krause 4/1/2013

"This DVD is one every performer would get benefit from including both amateurs and professionals. There are nuances and twists in here on every major card force that make this very highly recommended" 

Paul Romhany, *Reviews Vanish Magazine 4/1/2013

"Even if you already have a favorite force in your arsenal, I think this work is still worth checking out. Chances are, you'll either learn something to make your force better, or learn one that's even better than what you've been using." 

Bryce Kuhlman, MyLovelyAssistant 4/1/2013

"With “Handpicked Astonishments,” Joshua Jay and Paul Harris offer a tremendous introduction to each topic area and even experienced magicians can learn a thing or two from the detailed nuances and subtleties that are discussed" 

Wayne Kawamoto, Magic & Illusion 4/1/2013

"This is a compact master class about one of the strongest weapons of magic. Highly recommended! " 

Andreas Sucker, Magie Germany 4/1/2013

Running Time Approximately: 61min




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