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Giant Break Away Wand

Giant Break Away Wand

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The Breakaway Wand in a new, extra large design "Made by Future Magic". Extremely visible on even the biggest stage!
Popular with children and adults alike and always good for laughter and applause.

One of the best gag wands ever invented. Actually, not much happens except that a magic wand disintegrates into lots of small pieces, but we guarantee: your audience, no matter what their age, will laugh at the broken bits! Hilarity when suddenly an attractive and valuable wand breaks into many parts and these, connected by a string, dangling listlessly on the hand of the magician. Perfect to use for misdirection during impossible location effects, e.g. Finger ring in salt shaker!

You get the new, precisely manufactured lockable breakaway wand.  This means no matter where you hold the wand at the beginning, it�s just a normal, solid magic wand that lets you wave it and make magical gestures. Only when you want it to, the wand collapses.

Our new larger size breakaway wand has a diameter of 2 cm and a length of 40 cm.  It is and exact match to our "Tipsy Wand", so you can combine the two perfectly together.



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