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FLUKE by Wayne Dobson

FLUKE by Wayne Dobson

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A red deck and a blue deck is shown, and one chosen by a spectator, say the red deck.
The spectator now calls out a number from 1 to 52, say 18.
You open the blue deck and find there is one card reversed in the deck, which is placed unseen on the top of the deck. 
The spectator now opens his red deck, and deals down to the 18th card. 
He turns it over, and it is the 6 of clubs.
You now show that the reversed card in your deck is also the six of clubs. 
A great effect, and very easy to perform. 
Spectator can freely choose any number from 1 to 52 and the card is always different. 
Instructional DVD
Custom Gimmicks 
NOTE: You may use any Red or Blue Bicycle deck. Decks are NOT SUPPLIED.



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