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Electric Finger Flasher
Electric Finger Flasher

Electric Finger Flasher

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A great little device to produce a dazzling flash with flash wool/cotton or flash paper. Just bend your finger to press the button!

Traditional finger flashers use a heated heating wire that has a small delay before it heats up and can burn out, but this product utilises an electric spark to ignite the flash product, which is more stable and instant to produce the flash. 

There is also a small ring at the end of the device, for attaching a reel if required, enabling you to vanish the device as you product the flash.

No delay
100% success rate
Fully Rechargeable
Skin Coloured, so easy to conceal
Controlled just by a finger, either in left or right hand
Size: 5cm x 3cm x 2cm

Incluedes a USB charger and instructional video link to a YouTube tutorial.

Please note that flash paper or flash wool/cotton is not included.



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