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Egg4Life by PropDog
Egg4Life by PropDogEgg4Life by PropDogEgg4Life by PropDogEgg4Life by PropDogEgg4Life by PropDog

Egg4Life by PropDog

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It's finally here! We've been working on this for years, trying every possible solution to make the most realistic fake egg possible and we've finally 'cracked it'! 

The Egg4Life is the perfect solutuion to your eggbag routine...  No more hard boiling eggs or blowing out hollow eggs, the Egg4Life, looks and feels just like a real egg, we even have a thick gloopy fluid inside it to give that extra life like feel, meaning you can actually give the egg out to the spectator for examination!

We're sure you'll be amazined at just how realistic this is.

This is the Egg4Life by PropDog.




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