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Dyeing Mirror Box Mini
Dyeing Mirror Box Mini

Dyeing Mirror Box Mini

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This is Ultimate Production Box, best for small magician, you can perform multiple effects with this box.

EFFECT 1 - A box is shown to be clearly empty. The magician pushes a blue silk inside, and magically changes it into a red silk… the box is naturally empty again at the end.

EFFECT 2 - After showing a box to be empty, the magician pushes two silks of different colors inside. He then makes a third silk vanish. The silk immediately reappears tied between the other two that had been placed into the box. Once again the box is shown empty at the end.

EFFECT 3 - The magician opens a box and shows it empty. He pushes various small colored silks of different colors inside, and in the blink, changes them to a big multicolored silk… the box is naturally empty at the end.

With a little imagination, you could use this versatile prop for many other different routines.
This get Fits in your regular language but plays big role on stage.
Box Made in Strong Plywood, measures 12 cm (4,7") per side, beautifully Designed in bricks pattern.

Note: The production items like silks and flowers are not supplied with the box.



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