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Clap and Cheer! Cups and Balls by Mario Morris

Clap and Cheer! Cups and Balls by Mario Morris

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"I have had the pleasure to share the stage with Mario Morris, he is a consumate entertainer with a unique, engaging, and highly entertaining act that can best be described as a quintessential busker with a contemporary twist. As a cup and ball worker myself it was refreshing to see a fellow performer put his own spin and voice into this classic routine. Marios performances are clever, captivating and will keep you on the edge of your seat." - Master Payne Magician

"Mario Morris's mastery of both indoor and outdoor Magic is really wonderful. I love his work." - Eugene Burger, a Grand Master of Magic

Mario Morris has over 20 years experience of interational street performing. He has taken the classic Cup and Ball routine and made it unique with his twist on the finale - mixing magic and side show with the table cloth pull. Mario encourages and teaches on making magic routines unique and demonstrates in the video on how he does just that with an ancient and classic routine.

As a street performer who travels the world - Mario has created a show where it is possible to buy your props when you get to location! He also shows on this video how he can perform this show on the streets or indoors - both equally succesful.

Over 120 minutes on this DVD including:

  • Real Audiences - Real Shows!
  • Las Vegas - on the strip and at Wonderground;
  • Mario's performance at a European Busking Festival

The Set Up

  • Types of loads
  • Types of cups
  • How to prep the cups
  • Types of surface
  • Table cloth pull

The Routine Explained

  • Talking through the routine - all phases -
  • Handling explained using a regular table & pouch

Bonus Material



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