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Black Drop Bag Table Attachment by Five of Hearts Magic
Black Drop Bag Table Attachment by Five of Hearts Magic

Black Drop Bag Table Attachment by Five of Hearts Magic

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Last year Fiver of Hearts Magic added several new tables to their collection, incorporating a number of new 'Combo' options with various attachments and tops for you to mix and use in the best possible way for your show...The 'Drop Bag' proved to be a popular addition and we received a lot of enquiries as to whether we could sell them as a separate item...having made them originally to be used exclusively with teir Table Range. It was not possible to guarantee the compatibility with other stands, but now Colin has come up with a universal fixing which means you can now use this useful and flexible 'Drop Bag' not just with Five of Hearts Tables but with other music stand style tables too.

This is an really strong and durable addition to your table stand with endless uses for all kinds of shows, with a strong wooden insert the bag will hold your props, balloons, puppets whatever you need, keeping your material organised and easy to access during your performances.

The attachment comprises a custom wooden collar in two sections which when placed around your table stand can be screw fixed into position.

The Bag is made of Corduroy with a circular wooden base insert to keep the bag open when being used, the bag measures 13" in depth and 9" width, supported on a custom aluminium ring which fits snuggly into the wooden collar and holds the unit in place.

Once you have finished your show the bag can be dismantled and packed flat for easy storage.

**Product Upgrade January 2011: The Collar is now made from solid hardwood and allows for a universal fixing to fit all the tables in the Five of Hearts Collection.



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