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Corporate Illusions Made Easy by JC Sum

Corporate Illusions Made Easy by JC Sum

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From the author of the best-selling, "Urban Illusions" and "Pack Flat Illusions for Kids & Family Shows" comes another specialty illusion book written specifically for the working Corporate Magician - "Corporate Illusions Made Easy"! 
J C Sum, one of Asia's top professional illusionists and illusion designers, shares ten original illusions that have been custom-designed for product launches, media events, tradeshows, conferences and road shows across Asia Pacific & Europe over the last 15 years. 
From making corporate executives appear, producing new products, launching corporate logos and staging motivational stunts, the illusions in the book are simple to build, effective in design and practical to stage in non-traditional performance environments. 
All illusions are professional level effects and take into account realistic budgets, size, logistics, venue and staging constraints typical of corporate events. Best of all, no prior illusion knowledge is necessary to understand, build and execute the illusions. 
New illusionists will be introduced to known as well as original illusion methods and ideas that they can execute with confidence. Experienced illusionists will find original practical solutions for common requests from corporate clients that they can use immediately. 
In the first illusion book of its kind, it also includes an extensive discussion on presenting illusions for corporate events, the role of the "Corporate Illusionist", how to go about building the illusions in the book as well as incorporating corporate messaging into the illusions. 
If you book a launch, conference, awards dinner or tradeshow with just one idea from this book, you will recoup your investment in the book many times over with a single engagement. 
Contents include: 
Examining Illusions for Corporate Events
The Role of the Corporate Magician/ Illusionist
Different Types of Corporate Events & Venues
How to Build the Illusions in this Book
The Arrival 
A Self-Contained Surrounded VIP Appearance 
An Elegant Production of a Product in a Clear Display Case 
Rising Identity
A Unique Way to Introduce a new Corporate Identity or Logo 
Corporate Restraint 
A Motivational Escape Illusion Performed by a CEO 
Global Crossing
The Teleportation of a CEO 
Executive Travel
A Magical Transformation of Corporate Executives 
The Sword Box Metaphor
Incorporating Corporate Messaging with an Illusion 
Jeweled Revelation
A Big Effect for a Small Item Production 
The Conference
The Appearance of a Committee of People on Stage 
A Big Reveal 
The Magical Production of a Large Inanimate Product 
"Corporate Illusions Made Easy" features 80 pages of detailed illusion construction plans, full illusion presentations and corporate messaging & customization.



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