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Comedy Die Tube

Comedy Die Tube

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The magician boastfully tells the audience  that he is able to make a die disappear from a tube and let it reappear in a top hat that has been shown to be empty (or a prettily decorated biscuit tin), and - much to the pleasure of the audience - this really works out. The magician now claims that he can show a much better trick: He will make the die pass through a solid board and into a top hat. He puts the board on top of the hat, on top of the board he puts the die, and covers the die with a pretty tube. The tube is taken away and - oh dear - the die is stuck in the board at an angle, and everybody can see that a secret flap obviously hasn't worked properly. How embarrassing. But then follows  something amazing: After a lot fuss, the die passes through under really impossible conditions. Tube and die can even be examined at the beginning, in between and at the end, the trick can be presented with the audience around the magician and under almost any conditions and will be very enjoyable to any magician with a sense of humour.



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