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Coin Penetration (Guldiplex)

Coin Penetration (Guldiplex)

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Two transparent plexiglass tubes are put together by means of two pins. These pins are firmly inserted in a rotary brightly shining metal ring. A playing card is put between these two tubes. Now it is impossible that a coin being thrown into the upper  tube, can fall out of the lower one. The spectators can, of course, examine the tubes and the playing card.

Now, the magician throws four coins of any currency he likes into the upper tube, snaps with a finger one time and in that moment one coin gets through the playing card and falls out of the lower tube. The content of the upper tube - three coins - is poured onto the table and a spectator may throw these three coins in the tube himself whereby another coin immediately gets through the card again. One of the coins even moves invisibly from the pocket of the magician back to the tube. At the end of this routine, when the magician will ask if somebody knows how this trick runs, a big battery or a flash light will appear.

Now the magician is able to finish this unique miracle with a smile and the words "Quite simple - electrically of course!".

Works with amercian 1/2 dollars, european one or two euro coins and many other currencies.

Delivery without coins and battery.



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