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Classics Revisited by Phil Willmarth

Classics Revisited by Phil Willmarth

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This booklet of notes is from a lecture Mr. Willmarth presented at the Tannen's 34th Magic Jubilee. You need not have seen the lecture to get good value from this set of notes. Phil thought every performing magician could find one or two gems that you'll use forever in the items he collected.

Contents include:
A Snare for Silks by Norman Houghton
Nu-Way Grant Vanishing Knot
Release A Record (Courtesy of Jerry Mentzer)
The Thumb Tie
Slip Knot Penetration (Courtesy of Warren Stephen')
The Acrobat (New One Hand Knot)
The Chicken (instructions on how to fold a towel into a chicken shape)
John Willmarth's Spoon Unbending
Jean Hugard's Thumb Amputation
Stretching A Handkerchief
Grandma's Needle
Willmarth's Stoppered Half Hitch
Harold Martin's Okito Coin Box & Handkerchief
Copyright 1996, 28 pages, size: 51/2" x 8", soft covers, saddle-stitched.

The copies we have are from the Phil Willmarth Estate.



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