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Chinese Fortune Tubes

Chinese Fortune Tubes

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You tell your audience that you were almost overwhelmed by the many impressions on your last visit to China: The Forbidden City in Beijing, the mausoleum of Qin Shi Huangdi with the world famous Terracotta Army, the "Three Gorges Dam" on the Yangtze River, the world's largest!
And wherever you went the Chinese were friendly, smiling, happy and busy. And there were long lines of people in front of every tourist attraction, and not far away, to one side, a sweet-talking Chinese businessman: Good day to you, stranger, in China we say: A healthy mind and an alert eye, as I see you have, are the best prerequisites for Lady Luck to endow you with riches and prosperity. Would you like to try your luck in a little game ...........?

This is how you start your presentation of a fantastic  game of chance. While talking, you show three attractively decorated empty tubes (each one about 15cm long and 3.2cm diameter). You put a cloth in one tube, then shuffle the tubes back and forth. You now puzzle together and interactively with the spectators as to where the cloth could be. Every time you guess, Lady Luck is not on your side or the side of the spectator playing, but with the Chinese businessman. Again and again a symbolic 10 euro note passes across the table into the Chinese gentleman's pocket.

But it is very difficult to keep track of three tubes. Therefore, the Chinaman is fair and plays the game with only two tubes. This is the first climax of the routine, because you win back all your money in one go.
This is quickly followed by the second climax, because the cloth which you visibly put in the tube turns into a large quantity of rice wine, which is immediately poured into the waiting glasses.
With a wily smile the Chinaman sent you on your way: "You see, stranger, luck is not necessarily measured in money. Even though you have no more or no less than you had to start with, Lady Luck has sweetened your waiting time pleasantly and free of charge. Cheers, and have an enjoyable stay in our mysterious country."

A real life routine, props that immediately grab attention and a finish with an unexpected climax, which is missing in many three-card Monte (three-card shuffle) routines; excellent entertainment for your audience! Simple to present - great effect.

Suitable for close up, stand up and stage!



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