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Bolt on Deck by Yoichi Akamatsu

Bolt on Deck by Yoichi Akamatsu

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Reveal and remove a signed, selected card - with a bolt attached to the deck!

Show a deck that has a hole in the center of each card
Your spectator selects and signs a card
They mix the deck, which is randomly spread on a table, and place their card into it
Gather the deck, put the bolt through the holes, and attach a nut to fasten
Even with the bolt going through the cards, the performer finds the card with the signature
The spectator pinches the card, the magician casts a spell, and then the card magically passes right through the bolt - the center hole is not torn in any way!


  • The audience can shuffle the deck freely after the chosen card is placed in the deck
  • Can be viewed from all angles
  • This is practical magic with a low risk of failure
  • Great for all occasions
  • Deck provided is a Red-Back Bicycle Deck.

Instruction is provided through online video.



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