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Black and White Chips

Black and White Chips

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A budget/plastic version of our popular trick Rainbow Fantasy.

You show a black and a white chip. 
The black chip lies in the flat of your left hand, the white one in the right hand, which you also stretch out flat. Keep both hands far apart, close and open them briefly, and the spectators cannot believe their eyes. The chips have switched places. No manipulation, nothing suspicious. You make the chips return to their original places in the same way.

The audience like it, so you show it again. But stop, now the penny has dropped: The watchers have definitely seen that you have simply turned the chips over when closing your hands. Ah - that's how it is done! The white chip is black on the other side, the black chip, white.
You explain to the audience that "white" contains all colours and that "black" means a complete lack of any colour. And then it happens: Inexplicably, the chips change colour while you are speaking. Suddenly the chip which was white, has turned red, with a green back; the chip which was quite clearly black, has turned blue, with a yellow back.
You can now hand everything to the audience for examination, you don't have to switch or add anything and need not take anything away.

Black & White Chips, an illusion with an excellent finish that will give you a lot of pleasure.



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