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Birthday Party Mania by Tommy James

Birthday Party Mania by Tommy James

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Learn a dozen great kid-show routines you can add to your own birthday party performances!


DVD 1 : Sit back and enjoy Tommy's complete birthday party magic show recorded live in front of children and parents in a real- world setting. You will witness the hilarious routines, gags and bits-of-business that helped Tommy become a successful, full-time entertainer. (45 minutes)

DVD 2 : Go behind the scenes with almost two hours of explanations where you will learn step-by-step instructions for each routine as well as tips on prop management and the birthday party business. (1 hour 45 minutes)


Blanks to Bucks: A quick opener to establish yourself as a magician.

Silver Scepter: This hilarious routine gets the energy flowing!

Color Changing Hanky: The perfect handling of this classic effect.

Bunny Production: The birthday child attempts to bake a cake but magically makes a bunny! Extremely funny bits-of-business!

Die Box: Another classic effect you won’t want to miss. 

Lightning Fast Production Bag: Produce a deck of cards by magic!

Card Frame: A knock-em-dead routine with a signed playing card.

Mouth Coils: The perfect routine you will want to add to your act.

Sponge Balls: Lots of laughs. The child does all the magic!

Perfect Match: A packs flat/plays big effect for all ages.

No Way! Nest of Boxes and Bags: It’s Tommy’s own invention. An impossible ring in a nest of three boxes and three bags! (Devastating to the lay audience!

Birthday Wishes: No better way to end a birthday magic show!



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