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Axel Hecklau - Penguin Live Lecture

Axel Hecklau - Penguin Live Lecture

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“Axel’s lecture was fantastic! Everything about the lecture was top-notch. His choice of effects showed a lot of variety and great thought.” -Marc DeSouza

“Absolutely brilliant.” -Gene Anderson

What did he teach?

The Newsflash story 
Axel Hecklau´s version of the torn and restored newspaper is discussed in the magic world as the best version available in the moment. Learn how it was possible to improve a classic.

Just a cup
Another classic that Axel has infused with his ideas and creativity. 
This is not a chop cup. Learn a different technique which gives you more flexibility and stronger effects e.g. in the hand of the spectator. This routine is a REAL worker.

3 Fly
Just another 3 Fly routine? Axel explains his thoughts behind his very reduced and clear routine. Why? Because why is more important than how!

OOTW – Xtrem
Out of this world without a table, faster, without switches or leader cards, out of a shuffled, borrowed deck. This is OOTW for extreme conditions.

A hole travels from one piece of paper to another. A great piece for table hopping and parlor shows.

A signed card is torn in two pieces and restored twisted back together. 
It´s clear, it´s simple and creates an impossible object as a souvenir for the spectator.

The napkin rose 2.0
Create a two colored paper rose with no special printed props to buy. It looks even more realistic than the common napkin rose. Learn how Axel Hecklau combines this with a nice card effect in which a spectator finds their card by themself.

Cue Control
Music is an important tool to make your magic stronger. If you perform in a private setting and music starts at the right moment but people cannot see when or how you control the cues, it will raise the impact of your show. Axel will tell you, how you can achieve that kind of magic.

What points are responsible for the impact of a magic effect and how can you make an effect stronger? Is it ALL about presentation? NO!
Axel Hecklau will give you a check-list to find weak points in your routines. With the help of some simple questions you will be able to improve your routines.


Tips, tips, tips from the real performers world.

Who is Axel Hecklau?

Axel Hecklau lives in Berlin, Germany. He has presented his lecture in more than 15 countries all over the world e.g. FISM, FFFF, The Magic Castle, Monaco, Barcelona, Magic Circle London, at the French National Convention Paris,Vienna, Rome, and more!

Axel Hecklau has been doing magic for over 30 years. He is a well known working pro in Germany, competed at 15 magic competitions and won 14 awards.

For the past 10 years you can see him in Berlin performing in his own weekly close-up show called Close-Up-Club.

His lecture (parlor, stage and close-up) contains no “”B”” material. Everything is taken from his active working repertoire and proofed in hundreds of shows in front of laypeople.

Once a year he organizes a youth workshop in Germany to bring young magic enthusiasts together with working pros.

And most important: Everybody is jealous about his mustache :-3



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