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Awesome Self Working Card Tricks by Big Blind Media

Awesome Self Working Card Tricks by Big Blind Media

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Join your hosts Liam Montier, Cameron Francis, Dave Forrest and Steve Dela and prepare to learn some of the most powerful and useable card tricks EVER INVENTED!

These powerhouse routines have been specifically handpicked because they absolutely slay audiences, yet do not require a single sleight or move. Yep - these are 100% sleight free. You will positively cackle when the innovative and imaginative methods are revealed to you, and you can rest assured that audiences will be floored by each of the eleven routines on offer.

From the ridiculously clean double card location of 'Double Salto' to the totally impromptu memory feats of 'Wayneman' to Dave Forrest's mind exploding ACAAN 'Route 1', this is a collection of material that you WILL USE!

Awesome Self Working Card Tricks - amazing magic without the sleights!

- Power Of Thought (Paul Curry)
- Route 1 (Dave Forrest)
- Compatibility (Wayne Dobson)
- Wayne Man (Wayne Dobson)
- Emotional Reaction (Dai Vernon)
- Double Salto (William B Gibson)
- Automatic Ace Triumph (Kuniyasu Fujiwara)
- Further Than That (Stewart James)
- The Future Deck (Jack Vosburgh)
- What A Turn Up (Kaymar Magic)
- Your Thoughts Are Mine (John Carey)



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