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Aquarium by João Miranda Magic and Gustavo Sereno
Aquarium by João Miranda Magic and Gustavo Sereno Aquarium by João Miranda Magic and Gustavo Sereno

Aquarium by João Miranda Magic and Gustavo Sereno

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Please be warned that these gimmicks are not as well made as other acrylic box like gimmicks such as 3Sixty or Clarity box and are expensive for what you get. The sides also do not look anywhere near as good as an Omni Deck and are not horizontal.  The the hole that you fill it with and put the goldfish in is very small and you will struggle to find fish this small.  In fact, we do not agree with putting goldfish in this for anymore than a few seconds, so we recommend using a plastic goldfish or something entirely different. Please also note that the above comments are only my personal opinion.

Lynx Magic along with Gustavo Sereno created AQUARIUM, the most innovative and powerful clear deck ever created, where a deck of cards transforms into a small aquarium with a live fish inside, in the spectator hands! 

In this illusion the magician asks a spectator to remove any card from the deck and to draw a small fish on the face of the card, which is then lost in the middle of the deck. The cards are then placed in the spectator hands, and the magician amazingly finds the spectators card. However the magician claims that he could find the card since it is not the only fish in the deck. 

When the spectator lifts his hand the finds that the whole deck transformed into a small aquarium with a live fish swimming inside! 

More than magic, create life and an unforgettable experience with AQUARIUM. 

AQUARIUM comes complete with the specially made gimmicks, online video instructions with routines and other ideas. 

Instead of a living fish other objects can be placed inside AQUARIUM, being the most versatile clear deck ever created to date.



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