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Point Blank by Michael Ammar and Jordan Cotler

Point Blank by Michael Ammar and Jordan Cotler

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A new card effect! 

A clever young guy by the name of Jordan Cotler visited Michael and shared with him this fun card trick he came up with. The effect is the best kind: Simple and straight-forward: 


Any spectator names any card, and every other card instantly turns blank. It immediately resets for a repeat performance! 

  • It's a special deck that can be handled in a totally normal way. 
  • It's simple procedures that produce maximum impact! 


"Point Blank. Let me sum this up with a few BULLET points. Sorry, I couldn't resist, and if you didn't get the joke, stop reading right now, and go back to practicing your faro shuffle so you can achieve that all to important life-long goal of yours to perform "The Gun Trick" by Ken Krenzel flawlessly.

Okey dokey. I have no idea what I just said there, so on with the review. 

Simple effect: 

Spectator sees a full deck of cards and names any card

The rest of the faces of the deck vanish

Then the face of the selected card vanishes

Instant Reset

No Deck Switches

No Force

It's a pretty sweet effect. If you can do a half-pass, you can do this effect. A couple of things to consider, however. 

The pack cannot be examined

You pretty much have to dedicate this deck to this effect and nothing else

I've never been a fan of dedicating a deck to one trick especially as a guy who mostly works without a table strolling through the crowds. In a set piece, I'd be very tempted to include this in my act. Michael Ammar has a pretty decent presentation that would work well in a corporate/training type of a setting, or maybe even a motivational type of setting.

For those of you familiar with Paul Richards' Effect White Bikes, this has a very similar effect. 

Point Blank, for $20 bucks, includes the gaffed deck and printed instructions sealed in a plastic bag-like container. It's definitely a reasonable price. If you are a restaurant worker, I'd probably pass on this for your professional work, but it would still be cool to have kicking around the house for more casual non-restaurant performances. 

If you are doing more parlor-style standup-ish work and you like card tricks, this is a good closer. Also, because of the construction of the routine and timing, you could easily switch the deck for an examine-able deck (not included).

Overall, it's a good effect, and if you don't mind dedicating an entire deck to one trick, then you'd probably do well to pick this up."

Jeff Stone, MyLovelyAssistant 2/24/2009



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