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The Tipsy Wand

The Tipsy Wand

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This wand is one of the best gags ever invented for classic magic wands. No children’s entertainer should be without one.

Whenever you need a magic wand – pick up the Tipsy Wand and the thing starts misbehaving immediately.
Suddenly, one end droops. The children see it but you don’t.  Of course, they start shouting and draw your attention to the problem: You take a look, and the end is firmly attached to the wand – but then the other end droops – the children see it again – you don’t. There are endless ways of playing the game.
The wand is very sturdily made, you always have the drooping end under control. Robust, invisible mechanism inside the wand, which is about 40cm long and 2cm in diameter. Can be used everywhere, can be seen everywhere. Made in Germany by Future Magic.

What you get: A magic wand which has a sliding ring in its middle. This ring operates a mechanism inside the wand. Turn the wand so that the ring faces backwards. Hold the wand horizontally. If you now slide the ring forwards with your thumb, the front end of the wand droops down. If you pull it back the rear end droops.

The whole presentation is a great warm-up for any trick and only works so well because the magician apparently doesn’t notice that there is something wrong with his wand, while the kids noisily draw his attention to it. When the magician looks, he finds nothing suspicious.



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