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The Whistle Blower - O'Grady Creations

The Whistle Blower - O'Grady Creations

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Long awaited to the Modern Practical Joke Range is The Whistle Blower by O'Grady Creations. 

After the ongoing success of his Divers Lung Tester®,Jordan O'Grady has managed to redesign the workings of his bespoke prank prop and hide them in what appears to be an everyday survival whistle. 

Completely self-contained, The Whistle Blower does everything the Divers Lung Tester® does, but with the added advantage of being able to fit into a pocket. 

You will certainly be a talking point with The Whistle Blower in your everyday carry! 

  • "A perfect portable version of my favorite gag!" 
    Dave Loosley - Alakazam Magic 
  • "This is a beauty, it brings the classic Lung Tester with all its fun into a perfectly natural prop, just love it. Pocket prank at its finest." 
    Steve Rowe - Magician 
  • "I loved The Divers Lung Tester from the moment I saw it. Now I can take one everywhere I go with The Whistle Blower. I'm gonna torment people with this." 
    Alan Rorrison - Creator and Magician 



  • The Whistle Blower is sold as a novelty. Picking someone who you think would enjoy this makes sense.
  • We hold no responsibility for any damages or injuries caused by the use of this item. Your using it in the future means you understand and agree. 
  • So that you can use it safely, we recommend you use it on yourself several times, so you get the feel for how it works. 
  • We have noticed that occasionally people with contact lenses get some powder in their eyes -- it can bother them for a time. You might consider that in deciding whether to let them use it. 
  • The best powder to use is pure cornstarch or extra dry baby powder that does NOT contain "talc".



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