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Cobra Vectra Reel Remote Control Module by Steve Fearson

Cobra Vectra Reel Remote Control Module by Steve Fearson

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The Cobra Remote Control Module allows you to control your Vectra™ Cobra Reel from a distance, even from a different room, wirelessly!

The module consists of two components, the transmitter and the receiver. Both are small and stealthy and both have been designed to work in conjunction with your other Cobra switches and modules, offering you a level of versatility never before realized in any thread device.

Steve Fearson's Vectra Cobra Reel along with it's various components is the result of years of planning and development, and the Remote Module is it's crowning jewel... the one that ties it all together. The full impact of what he has acheived here can only be realized when you have this in your hands and begin feel your own imagination taking off into the stratosphere.

  • Manual Mode for Push-Button Activation!
  • Timer Mode for Hands Free Solo Operation!
  • Always on Mode Behaves Like a Traditional ITR!

Your Cobra Remote package inclues the transmitter, receiver and access to an online tutorial video featuring Steve Fearson. Batteries are included. Requires the Vectra Cobra Reel, sold separately.

Fearson's Vectra™ Cobra modules may very well be the most versatile series of devices ever offered to the magic community... PERIOD. Take your thread work to the next level and beyond, order your Cobra Remote Module today!




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