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Drink'in The News - TABLOID EDITION by PropDog
Drink'in The News - TABLOID EDITION by PropDogDrink'in The News - TABLOID EDITION by PropDogDrink'in The News - TABLOID EDITION by PropDogDrink'in The News - TABLOID EDITION by PropDog

Drink'in The News - TABLOID EDITION by PropDog

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The 'In the News' routine is one of the most under estimated and under used routines in Magic!  It's an incredible and visual trick that is so strong, many use it as a finale to a routine.  Perfect for close up, parlor and stage it's an effect that should be in every magicians repertoire.  

There have been many variations of the gimmick over the years, but many are just too week, too small, to shiny or have seams welded by heat, which weakens the plastic, some have been made from polythene or plastic or have many other flaws.

Well we here at PropDog did a lot of research into this gimmick over the last year, we contacted some of the biggest names in magic who perform or have performed this routine and we listened to everything they wanted from this gimmick and we have come up with what we believe is the perfect gimmick for the In The News routine!

Our gimmick is:

  • Textured on the inside for a vastly improved performance
  • Ultra thin, yet extremely tough and durable
  • Made from a type of PVC, not plastic or polythene
  • Ultra Sonically welded for stronger seams
  • Frosted low sheen finish for extra invisibility
  • Holds up to a thurst quenching 150ml of liquid, almost a full champagne glass!
  • Pours out beautifully

The gimmick measures 140mm x 170mm and is the perfect size for a tabloid newspaper such as The Daily Mail, Sun, Metro or any of the smaller newspapers.

Instructions and routine by Max Somerset.

So if you're looking to add a new routine or effect to your performance, PropDog's Drink'in the News gimmick would be a great addition to consider!

A great idea would be to use this in conjunction with PropDog's Hydrostatic Champagne Glass and even combined with a Torn and Restored Newspaper Routine.  Imagine - You take a newspaper, tear it up, restore it, take a jug of water, pour it into the news paper, turn the newspaper upside down and nothing falls out, you then open the newspaper, show all the pages, then turn the paper the right way up again and pour the water out into a pint glass.  You then cover the pint glass with the newspaper, turn it upside down and remove the newspaper and the liquid stays in the glass.  You then click your fingers and the liquid falls out into the jug you started with.  A great routine for cabaret or stage or that close up gig, where at the end, they ask you ask for one last trick in front of everybody.



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