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Ideas for Mentalism 1 by Bill Montana eBook DOWNLOAD

Ideas for Mentalism 1 by Bill Montana eBook DOWNLOAD

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The effects contained in this e-book are totally self working. Best of all, most of the effects happen in the spectator's hands. Contains:

  • The Non-Exploding Soda Can: No matter how hard they shake the soda can, you cause it not to explode.
  • A Soda for Davy Jones: An unusual effect with two cans of soda.
  • The Telekinetic Penny: You move a penny with your mind. The whole effect happens in complete control of the spectator's hands. You touch nothing. You can even be across the room!
  • Metronomes: The audience causes the metronomes to move with their minds.

Pages: 14 - 8.5" x 11" - PDF FORMAT



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