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Fake Cigarettes for Manipulation/Levitation - 6 in a Pack by Steve Fearson

Fake Cigarettes for Manipulation/Levitation - 6 in a Pack by Steve Fearson

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FAKE CIGARETTES - 6 PER PACKAGE  They're perfect for anyone who doesn't smoke or for performing in a non-smoking environment.  The only problem is, they look so real people will believe you're smoking!

The puffer cigarette is probably the most convincing novelty item there is.  The end really looks lit and they actually blow fake smoke!  The smoke is harmless powder, released by gently blowing through the cigarette.   The illusion is 100% realistic, you'll be shocked at how good this looks.
They're highly recommended for cigarette sleights, or for the Floating Cigarette trick.  They're much more durable than a regular cigarette so they actually make your manipulations easier, you don't have to worry about snapping them.  You can also palm them in ways you couldn't with a real lit cigarette, without worry of being burned.  As a bonus, you're able to remove what appears to be a fully lit cigarette from your pocket or a pack and start puffing on it!  When you complete your routine, back in the pocket it goes... lit!  That alone gets a teriffic reaction.
Sure, they're also a great gag item since they look great in the mouth of an 8 year old kid.  Imagine Mom's reaction when little Billy cruises through the room casually puffing away on a fully lit cigarette!  These are memories that last a lifetime.
Whether you use them for magic or just for fun, you're going to love this prop.  It gets our highest recommendation.  6 per package.  Save when you buy multiple packages.



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