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EVANESCE by Mike Liu and Vortex Magic
EVANESCE by Mike Liu and Vortex MagicEVANESCE by Mike Liu and Vortex MagicEVANESCE by Mike Liu and Vortex MagicEVANESCE by Mike Liu and Vortex MagicEVANESCE by Mike Liu and Vortex Magic

EVANESCE by Mike Liu and Vortex Magic

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After three years in the making and 10 different prototypes, we can now bring you the very best, hand crafted fashion tool for the modern magician. It will enable you to VANISH, RETRIEVE, SWITCH, LINK, and TRANSPOSE small objects cleanly and openly, showing your hands empty before and after. The possibilities for coin, card and finger ring magic are endless... 

Mike Liu has created a very unique tool that he wears daily and is always ready to perform miracles. The ability to completely VANISH an object, showing your hands empty, is something magicians have sought for a very long time. This is a practical tool that is designed to be worn in short or long sleeves. It is right out in the open and the spectators will not suspect a thing. 

Eric Chien uses this in conjunction with his BLINK vanish (from his COIN DVD), and is now able to completely show his hands empty after this incredible move. 

Over an hour tutorial where Mike and Eric share ideas and routines using EVANESCE. You will learn... 

SET-UP - How to adjust it so you can use DOLLAR COINS as well as smaller coins. You will also learn how to adjust it to your wrist size. 

RETRIEVE - How to retrieve objects from the gimmick. If you use any type of gimmick coin, you can easily bring it in and out of play at any time during a routine. 

Different VANISH techniques: 

  • SNAP VANISH - One-hand snap vanish 

ROUTINES Include: 

  • Coin Bend (2 versions) 
  • Color Change Coin 
  • Coins to Glass - The cleanest version where you show your hands EMPTY prior to its landing in the glass. 
  • Spellbound 
  • Linking Paper Clips 
  • Ring on Chain 
  • Using Large Coins 

Mentalism such as a Confabulation routine, keeping your prediction in and out of play until needed. 
Bill Switches, Color Change Bills, Folded Card to any location, and Gimmick coins 


  • Eric has come up with a different set-up that allows for some very unique moves. 
  • Eric's HANDWASH technique 
  • BLINK - Eric shows how to end his vanish completely clean. 
  • Completely Vanish - Show hands completely empty after this amazing vanish. 

As you know, audiences love seeing objects disappear and reappear. EVANESCE not only teaches you how to magically do the impossible, but how to also weave in these skills unbeknownst to your audience (switches, etc.). You'll learn incredible magic here!



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