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Penguin Live Lecture DVD - Eugene Burger

Penguin Live Lecture DVD - Eugene Burger

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“Chicago’s Best Magician.” — Chicago Magazine

“Eugene is not just one of my favorite magicians in the world to watch, he’s also one of the greatest teachers of magic alive. I’m sure he’ll perform and explain fantastic tricks that’ll fool you and your audiences, but I’m certain he’ll also impart important and valuable insights into audience management. Plus, he’ll be funny and charming. Do everyone in the world a giant favor and watch Eugene Burger’s Penguin LIVE Lecture.” — Mac King

“Dear magicians: Eugene Burger gets it. He knows how to explain it. And he’s willing to share.” — Max Maven

“Eugene is the Dean of the Magic & Mystery School, and has mentored many of the most successful artists of our time. Now you can learn why he has earned the title of “THE MASTER”!” — Jeff McBride

“For decades Eugene Burger has been recognized by magicians and the public as one of the finest and most engaging magicians alive.” — Stephen Minch, Genii Magazine

What did he teach?

FADING COIN The best coin trick that Eugene has learned in the past 15 years! Completely impromptu and it can be done anywhere in the world with any coins.

LIMITED EDITION Eugene’s presentation and handling for this modern classic where you break the rules and tell your audience exactly what you are going to do and then you do it.

GEMINI MONEY One of Eugene’s favorite pieces of magic for the times he worked behind a bar. Tensions rise leading to a happy conclusion for all.

OUT OF THIS WORLD Eugene’s direct handling and presentation for this classic effect where an audience member separates the red and black cards. Eugene begins with a borrowed and shuffled deck and uses clever strategies to create a mind boggling effect.

THE PACK THAT CUTS ITSELF Eugene uses this as his opening effect for corporate cocktail party work. You will learn the inner secrets of this amazing piece of card magic where the cards move by themselves and are immediately taken for examination by the audience member.

THE TURNING CARDS Under cover of a scarf, selected cards come out of the deck, turn over and reinsert themselves into the pack. Sometimes Eugene presents this as a piece of spirit magic.

SPIRIT MESSAGES Eugene presents three different close-up presentations and methods for the effect of spirit writing. All are regularly performed by Eugene and you will learn all the subtle touches to make this into a featured and talked about effect.

Who is he?

He’s amazed and delighted audiences from Las Vegas to Tokyo. As Stage bill magazine proclaimed, Eugene Burger is “universally recognized as perhaps the finest close-up magician in the world.”

“Close-up magic” is just that: magic performed right under your nose, where everyone becomes part of the show. And with Eugene Burger it is an unforgettable experience, for as the Chicago Reader noted in an unprecedented eleven-page cover story about him, “Burger adds something extra.” His warmth and humor are captivating and his magic is simply amazing.

By definition, magicians are pretty special people, but Eugene Burger is considered exceptional even by other magicians. He has written fifteen best-selling books for the trade, starred in eight instructional videos, lectured extensively to magicians’ groups in over a dozen countries, and his writings have been translated into several languages.

His deep understanding of the psychology and philosophy behind the magic have won him international accolades, cover stories in conjuring magazines, and four awards from the famed Magic Castle in Hollywood.

But as much as he loves discussing magic with fellow performers, Eugene’s true passion is bringing mystery and enchantment to the public, and at this he is unparalleled. His special presence has led to numerous television appearances in Great Britain, Canada, Belgium, Finland and Japan, and on such highly acclaimed shows as The Art of Magic on PBS and Mysteries of Magic on The Learning Channel. He’s been profiled twice on CNN.

During the past several years, Eugene has been a featured speaker for top executives of such major companies as Coca-Cola, Williams-Sonoma, Unisys and Pottery Barn, as well as top business schools including Wharton, and the graduate schools of business at the Universities of Chicago and Maryland. His talk, “How Magicians Think,” applies his special understanding of deception and perception to the corporate world.

When the leading international trade journal Magic magazine compiled its list of the one hundred most influential magicians of the twentieth century, Eugene Burger was included for his ability to “arouse feelings of astonishment, as well as a host of other indescribable sensations.”

Find out why this engaging entertainer is in constant demand for private parties, corporate functions and special events. Discover for yourself what the Chicago Tribune hailed as the “delightful excitement” that is uniquely Eugene Burger.



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