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CanTastic by Maurizio Visconti
CanTastic by Maurizio ViscontiCanTastic by Maurizio ViscontiCanTastic by Maurizio Visconti

CanTastic by Maurizio Visconti

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"Great effect and amazing gimmick very clever. I love it and I will definitely use it!" - David Stone

Cantastic is a revolutionary gimmick that will allow you to find a signed coin, a borrowed ring or any other small object inside a sealed can. Cantastic is the perfect ending to your small object vanish routines: make a borrowed object disappear with the method you prefer and have it found inside a closed can that the spectator will open.

Cantastic will allow you to adapt it to the vast majority of cans on the market.

Easy to do, very fast object loading, resettable in few minutes.

All this is Cantastic!

Note: The gimmick fits 66mm diameter Fat cans, 58mm diameter for Slim.



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