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The Business by Romanos and Alakazam Magic

The Business by Romanos and Alakazam Magic

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Romanos has created a super cool ultra-organic and wonderfully deceptive peek device. The Business utilizes an ingenious method built into a normal looking business card case. 

Imagine removing your business cards from your case and handing one to your spectator. The rest of the cards are placed back and your spectator is asked to draw an image (or write a word) on their card. When they are ready they slip the card into the case in amongst the other business cards. All this happens while your head is turned. You now close the case and put it in your pocket. THE JOB IS DONE!! At this point you are now ready to reveal the word or drawing. You are truly going to love performing The Business and the method is going to amaze you! 

Each Business Package comes with: 

  • Custom manufactured Gimmicked Business Card Case
  • Matching Un-gimmicked Business Card Case
  • Cloth Bag For The Case
  • Full Instructional DVD


"If you’ve been looking for a peek device that works well and looks like an innocent, everyday object (magicians love to refer to this as “organic”), you may want to consider “The Business” by Romanos. I can recommend it." 
Wayne Kawamoto, 6/16/2014 Full Review

"This is the type of thing, as Peter Nardi mentioned, that odds are if you're buying it you've already got a routine or use in mind. However, even if you don't have a specific routine or use in mind, you'll find this valuable if you need to get access to secretly written information. "Jeff Stone,

"This is one hell of a useful little utility peek device. Like decks of cards, sharpie markers, and sponge balls, this thing belongs in your performance case." - William Draven, Reviewer 

"If you are a professional strolling magician who wants to add a simple, quick, powerful mind reading effect into your working repertoire, then I think this is a great option. " - Joe Diamond, MyLovelyAssistant

"Original tricks with a more natural appearance than other peek wallets. (French reviewer)" - Calix, Le Magigazine 

"Romanos is a new name to me. However, he appears to be a clever man who has come up with several unique ideas." - David Oliver, Genii Magazine

"This is such an organic tool and is a business card case used for business cards. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED." - Paul Romhany, *Reviews Vanish Magazine

"The Business is a clever product..." - Jared Brandon Kopf, Magic Magazine 

"It’s not the kind of thing the average person is going to make in their garage or basement, so consider it money spent on good craftsmanship and to reward a really clever idea. If you’re already batting ideas around in your head for it, you probably want to pick this up. Recommended for the devious." - ANTONIO M. CABRAL, M-U-M Magazine 

"I think this is one of best peek devices around because it works under so many lighting conditions, even in candlelight" - Rolando H. Santos, Linking Ring Magazine 



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