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Backstab by Zak Mirzadeh
Backstab by Zak MirzadehBackstab by Zak MirzadehBackstab by Zak Mirzadeh

Backstab by Zak Mirzadeh

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Zak Mirzadeh's Backstab is the most impossible "Stab To Your Card" trick ever! Your spectator selects a card and loses it in the pack. With nothing more than your trusty pocket knife (or your spectator's pocket knife) - you stab straight to their selection for a miraculous "Card At Number" effect!

NO BLOCKS of cards, no dupes, and nothing added or taken away! That means ALL the cards can be spread!

Did we mention the card can also be SIGNED! Backstab takes an impossible skill and makes you a master within minutes. With Backstab, you'll never "cut" to a card in the same way again!

  • All the cards can be spread! NO large blocks of cards
  • No forces or dupes - selection can be signed!
  • Includes gimmicks that allow you to perform the impossible
  • Requires no difficult sleights
  • Includes over an hour of expert instruction taught by Zak Mirzadeh. Alternate handlings included using other sharp items instead of a knife.
  • Gimmicks are ready to perform right out of the box, but customization to any custom deck is easy!
  • Knife can be yours or even borrowed!

Put the edge back into your magic with Zak Mirzadeh's Backstab!

"One way to view BackStab is actually as a tool rather than a single trick. Once you watch the tutorial you’ll realise the potential this has from close-up to stage. You will learn how to make your own gimmick if you want to change the card design. " - Paul Romhany, *Reviews Vanish Magazine



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